Consulting Services
Consulting Services

Our management team provides the task force to visit with you and discuss various opportunities to measure and improve your operating performance. We understand the importance to go beyond the normal partnership and serving as your consultant!

We will provide an onsite visit at your office to discuss your many interests or needs, which will reduce energy costs, and more.

Our goal is to identify measurable data, generate the detail to support our goals, and then provide a review process, to deliver the results.


As your consultant, we provide the labor and resources, which is so time consuming to many Retailers. We serve as your single source, trained to organize, report, and effectively oversee the consulting process. This is our business and our consulting services team is ready to serve you!


Our staff offers the Retailer methods to reduce their energy consumption by 15%-20% every month and extend the life of their equipment by the same percentage!!! The only thing you'll question yourself about is why you didn't use us sooner. We will seek 12 months prior utility bills, per store, and input the data into our computer data base program. We will ask for new results during the following months, and input the data into our computer data base program. We will provide a complete HVAC energy overview, by store, showing the net reduction in energy spending. It is our goal to demonstrate the PM Program works to save in energy consumption. One of the many areas, which will reduce energy usage, and unquestionably the most important, begins with a good maintenance program. A few examples of PM opportunities include:

Validated Condenser Coil Cleaning: Saves 30%-60% of the Units Energy Consumption

Belt Adjustment: Saves 5% of the Units Energy Consumption

Thermostat Settings: Saves up to 10% per degree of the Units Energy Consumption

This is only a beginning!



Our consulting services team will seek opportunities to extend equipment life. During your stores initial PM Service; we will gather all new equipment information to include the manufacturers' make, model, serial, tonnage, voltage, etc., along with an extensive current condition report. We will input this data into an operating computer model to project the current equipment life. We will then calculate and extended life projection through our PM Program. The extended period will establish a percentage and be made a part of our overview.

Pacific Air is dedicated to providing information and knowledge to those we serve. Our staff is technically trained and possess vast field experience to know the right service and methods of operation within the HVAC industry.



is provided through a quality Preventive Maintenance Program to reduce consumption costs, extend equipment life, and ensure your systems operation is not interrupted. We provide a Site Survey to determine each area of opportunity. We can provide the "Reporting" and "Methods" to measure your energy savings opportunities.



provide a change in the method of equipment operation to enhance improved reliability and reduce operating costs. The right retrofit opportunities can be identified and then designed to meet your specific needs.



provide uniformity to meet the responsibilities within your HVAC System. We can evaluate the operating performance of each equipment and then meet with you for implementing both the subtle and larger program recommendations.



can be provided to incorporate the costs within a Preventive Maintenance Program and then "amortized" over a longer multi year term. We can provide the immediate repair, retrofit, or program today and then recover the costs over the term of the Preventive Maintenance period. You can enjoy the repair, retrofit, or program savings immediately!



are provided at the commencement of our relationship at no charge. We will establish the right consulting to meet your needs! We can provide a site delivery for any facility to identify all areas of opportunity, while validating your equipment is operating with it's best performance.



Can be easily accomplished through your PM Program with very little costs, as well as many energy saving retrofit opportunities.