Portable Coolers/Heaters
Portable Cooler

Service Requests are dispatched and normally scheduled for arrival within 2 to 4 hours. The repair services are provided to promptly restore your system to full operation.

During the year, unfortunately, you may find a repair cannot be provided immediately and will require a delay. The decision to replace a Unit and wait for delivery of a special order compressor, or part, or an extensive design change could delay providing immediate cooling or heating to your location.

As support to our Customers, we make available Portable Coolers, and heaters, which can be delivered immediately from one of our many national locations with same day set-up.

We stand behind you and understand your needs. Portable Coolers & Heating Units Our Customers Stay Comfortable… Even During Breakdowns!

Portable Cooling Unit

Portable cooling & heating units are sent same day so while we make the
repairs, your facility keeps cool!

Movin' in is easy… Just plugs in!

Pacific Air Conditioning & Heating is a "Full Service Company" with national Capabilities. We take care of our customers; keep facilities happy & managers proud of uninterrupted temperatures. We "support" our customers by providing immediate cooling or heating when the repair cannot be made the same day.

Pacific Air Conditioning & Heating…

"We try harder for our customers."