• The HVAC System Consumes 40% - 60% Of Your Energy Consumption
  • 1/32 of soot reduces boiler efficiency by 10%
  • Dirty condenser coils can increase consumption by 36% - 63%
  • Miscalibration of thermostat by just 2 degrees can increase consumption by 20%
  • 1/32 on condenser scale can increase consumption by 20%
  • A loose fan belt can up energy by 5%
  • The U.S.N.B.S. estimates that typical maintenance practices cause the waste of 30% - 40% of purchased utilities!


OSHA Regulations require Preventive Maintenance on HVAC Systems

FEDERAL OSHA REGULATIONS stated the following:

OSHA, therefore believes that is necessary to require maintenance of the HVAC system components that directly affect IAQ, since failure to do so results in the degradation of IAQ. Standard of HVAC maintenance vary and sometimes are deficient where untrained personnel are designated to maintain complex systems.

Pacific Air believes OSHA requires HVAC maintenance to comply with manufacturer requirements, at a minimum. Although manufacturers will vary, we find service to be required at a minimum of quarterly inspection and service, combined with Annual Service. We believe that these services must be provided by a "Verifiably Trained" Technician, with credentials showing their qualifications.

OSHA can levy extensive fines where compliance has not been adhered. Personnel injury cases will trigger a routine investigation and proof of compliance will be requested.


STATE OSHA REGULATIONS provide an even stricter requirement.


The HVAC system shall be inspected at least annually, and problems found during these inspections shall be corrected within a reasonable time.

Inspections and maintenance of the HVAC system shall be documented in writing. The employer shall record the name and individual(s) inspecting and/or maintaining the system. The date of the inspection and/or maintenance, and specific findings and actions taken. The employer shall ensure that such records are retained for at least five years.

The employer shall make all records required by this section available for examination and copying, within 48 hours of a request, to any authorized representative of the Division (as defined in Section 3207), to any employee affected by this section, and to any designated representative or said employee of the employer affected by this section.