Pacific Air vs. Competition
PAC vs Competition

Pacific Air is a Contractor which is greatly different than a Broker. Although we utilize our Service Affiliate Network for areas in which we do not Self Perform; we control them like a Contractor, because we are a contractor!

We provide our company's direct technicians for service in many regional areas.



Our price is the same as if you hired the Subcontractor directly. We do not mark-up our Subcontractors invoices, like a broker does. Furthermore, Brokers allow higher base rates to increase "their" mark-up.
The Broker mark-up of 20% or more is eliminated with Pacific Air.

With the volume of work we provide, we ask our Subcontractors to provide us a discount, which then generates our profit, and the price to you is the same as if direct! You pay the same, whether you hire each Subcontractor directly, or you utilize us as your single source.


Labor Standards

Who better to monitor a subcontractor, than a contractor, We hold our Subcontractor Network to labor standards, like we do with our own Technicians. We can hold the line for pre-established labor hours, such as, 2-3 hours for a Condenser Motor, 4-6 for Blower Motor, 6-8 hours for a Compressor, etc. We can expect these labor standards, since we self perform and understand the technical and time expectations.


Material Pricing

We purchase material directly for our own Company Technicians. As we are knowledgeable of current material costs, we can hold the line for our Subcontractor’s pricing. They cannot overcharge, as we know real and current costs. Brokers could not, as they do not purchase parts.


Unit Pricing

We purchase all new units and large compressors directly! We provide only our mark-up, and a five (5) warranty, unlike anyone else!


Invoice Review

Each invoice is signed by your assigned Service Manager. The labor hours, pricing, and administrative standards are ensured and approved prior to forwarding your invoice. You can see your Service Manager’s signature who has approved your pre-agreed upon standards, providing you a direct source to communicate invoice expectations.