Energy Conservation
Energy Conservation

We understand the importance of energy conservation and the cost savings associated with a program. Energy Management can be effectively achieved through both a "PM Program" as well as energy saving "Retrofit Projects". We approach energy conservation through both programs.


By providing the right PM Services, and validating their compliance, we can provide a significant reduction in most Retailer’s operating costs.

Without any additional investment in your current PM Program we can reduce your utility costs, increase life expectancy of your equipment, and minimize breakdowns. The PM Program requires only specific energy conservation tasks are achieved!

  • Example: Condenser Coil Cleaning will reduce the HVAC operating costs up to 40%.
  • Example: An adjusted belt will reduce the HVAC operating costs up to 5%.
  • Example: A calibrated thermostat will reduce the HVAC operating costs up to 10% for EVERY degree adjusted.
  • and many more!

We will provide the energy conversation checklist, manage it’s compliance, validate task completion, and provide the audit report.

Energy Conservation

We can demonstrate the savings by measuring the prior years electric bills for each seasonal quarter, or January, April, July, October. If you will provide this initial data, for these four months, we will provide the calculations, monitoring, and final audit report for you. We will demonstrate the actual energy conservation achieved, along with providing you assured quality in maintenance!


Once the initial PM Service is completed, we will have procured an equipment listing and condition report for each facility. We will now be able to analyze your facility’s operating methods and associated costs. We will then proceed with applying those retrofit techniques now current in the industry, tailored for your facility’s equipment and design application.

Example: Thermostat Retrofit –

  • Enhances manager operating knowledge.
  • Enhances energy conservation.
  • Reduces equipment run time.
  • Eliminates unauthorized temperature set points, coil icing, and water leaks
  • ...and much more.


Our consulting services team will seek opportunities to extend equipment life. During your stores initial PM Service; we will gather all new equipment information like manufacturers’ make, model, serial, tonnage, voltage, etc., along with an extensive current condition report. We will input this data into an operating computer model to project the current equipment life. We will then calculate an extended life projection through our PM Program. The extended period will establish an associated cost savings and be made a part or our overview.



We recommend to our new customers that we make available a company experienced employee to reside at “your” facility during the initial commencement. All they need is a desk and Internet access!

This person will provide the glue and reference to ensure all programs are implemented and understood. We can start the program running! You will have first hand access to monitor and learn our dispatching process. We will provide all dispatching from your location during these first few weeks. You will be able to oversee that our network is in place. You will be able to communicate your expectations and observe the process through completion. We will be able to provide the training for website monitoring. We will be able to implement new ideas and integrate the activities between our respective companies. We can foster a Team Spirit and collective awareness of how to administrate the many tasks within our industry.

With our staff on site, we can create the right training environment to utilize the many operating capabilities within our system. We can immediately ramp-up and deliver your expectations.