5 Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty

Five (5) Year Labor &Material Warranty
on New Units!!!

Imagine… No Service Call Charges for FIVE (5) YEARS!

Pacific Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. will provide a 5 year Labor and a 5 year Material Warranty for all purchases when combined with our Preventive Maintenance at your Facility.

Any Service Call related to Warranty will be provided at No Charge. The normal warranty period is for only one (1) year and then only on material. By receiving an Extended four years on material and five (5) years on labor, you will STOP unbudgeted expenses.



National Purchasing Power

National Unit & Part Locator Network!!!

National Unit & Part Locator Network!!!

As a National Contractor with National Network capabilities, we purchase new Units, Compressors, and parts direct! With that kind of connection we can search nationwide for your part and receive it immediately!


New Units & Compressors are the single largest expense in a proposal for their replacement. The labor cost is usually minimal. As a Contractor, we purchase New Units & Compressors directly and eliminate the subcontractor mark-up.

We can keep costs down by purchasing direct! We obtain national volume discounts, and by knowing which distributor nationally provides the best price, we can pass it on to you!

For further details contact us @ 1-877-933-9501