Start Up Surveys
Startup Survey

The Start-Up Survey Program is intended to provide an independent third party review of the Existing Equipment.

The Survey should be requested for all of your newly acquired or remodeled locations, or where new Leases for existing buildings are being considered, or new build-to-suit buildings are being completed.



Pacific Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. will provide a complete review of the installation to determine compliance in scope, workmanship, quality, codes are achieved, and have met your specifications.

Pacific Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. will generate a Punch List for items found to be deficient. This Punch List would be submitted with the Start-Up Report to you and the Contractor for their completion.

You should not release retention monies until the Punch List items have been completed and compliance achieved.

When the Contractor completes the Punch List, they will contact Pacific Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. who will visit the job-site to provide final review and approved correction. A letter of compliance will be sent from Pacific Air to you and the Contractor stating this approval for release of the retention monies.


We are an independent third party and can provide the assurance that Quality and Company Specifications have been met. Store opening can be achieved without a problem. Costs are NOT later passed onto your maintenance department, but passed back to your General Contractor.


Pacific Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. will provide a diagnostic review of the existing Equipment and operating condition, and submit an estimate to restore the System to proper operating performance.

The report will identify deficient areas and the estimated costs for the repair. Recommendations will then be made for either repair or replacement, or both, based on a five (5) year projected Lease.


An independent Third Party review of the existing equipment’s operating condition. A second opinion for the Repair, Observation, or Costs. Repair costs can be incorporated into the lease negotiations. Repairs can be made prior to store opening. Equipment will be operating correctly and without trouble at store opening.

Store Start Up Survey Build to Suit Location
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Store Start Up Survey Existing Location
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