Why Do We Need Preventive Maintenance?

Manufacturers require PM Servicing in order to maintain their Warranty. Warranty may be voided unless your PM service history is documented!

PM Service minimizes breakdowns and extends equipment life, reduces energy consumption, and provides uninterrupted performance!

Imagine not providing oil or fluids in your car, and then the engine fails.

In HVAC and Refrigeration, failure is much sooner. It can cause damage almost immediately. Dirty filters, a loose belt, or low freon can cause water leaks. Dirty Coils can cause your compressor to fail 60% earlier, and cost you 30-60% more in energy consumption. 1 degree of Thermostat adjustment can increase energy consumption by 10%! Low Freon Levels will reduce cooling and cause your compressor to run longer. Any small failure will easily work itself into a big failure.

Manufacturers usually require PM Service frequently, or quarterly, based on your hours of operation and geographical area.

Can We Purchase Filters Which Last Longer?

Yes. There are many types of filters, but most will specify Glass Fiber as they are the most "inexpensive". Pleated Filters are the most requested when you are trying to extend filter life. The cost is usually two-three times, but delivers a much improved air quality, with much longer lasting results.

When Should I Change Out The Unit?

Typically, the components of an HVAC or Refrigeration Unit will begin to fail after 5 years. The compressors, however, should last 8-12 years. Units should be considered for replacement after 12 years, or sooner, if they experience hardship or lack of servicing.

A unit can be considered like your car. When the engine fails, it is like the compressor on the unit. It is a large single cost and it must be weighed against the age of the Unit. If your Car has other subtle problems or is getting older, you would probably want a new car. The same is true for your HVAC or Refrigeration Unit.

What Is A Good PM Program?

A PM Program is designed to consider several factors needs such as:

1) Equipment and Condition

2) Operating Location & Hours

3) Your Budget

The manufacturer wants to provide you with uninterrupted use and maintain an optimum operating performance. The frequency of a PM Service is usually detrmined based on the 3 above Factors. Following recommendations are based on an average.

Commercial/Retail - should seek 4 times per year, as a minimum. Large equipment may require monthly.
Residential - should seek 2 times per year, as a minimum.

Programs can include basically 3 types:

Inspection: Check, calibrate, lubricate, adjust, and filter replacement. Belt Replacement, Condenser & Evaporative Coil Cleaning are optional.

Labor Coverage: Includes the Inspection Services, plus all repair labor. This allows the customer to have one price for all labor!

Full Coverage: Includes the labor Only Services, plus all materials and parts. All maintainable HVAC Equipment is covered for one price!