PM Department
PM Department

Our Preventive Maintenance Team (PM) Team is a separate department to ensure your PM's are completed on time and reliably.

Each Friday close, or a schedule convenient to you, via E-mail, they forward a PM Spreadsheet illustrating "by store" their schedule dates, completion dates, and invoice dates. You can monitor by week, the completion process. We report to you!

Our Company has learned the value of separate departments in that each department has separate and dedicated Teams independent responsibilities. The separation allows the Team members to maintain their focus and dedication for their tasks. In the end, our company can reliably deliver the expected services The PM's for each store are monitored daily and reported to you weekly to ensure each store receives their PM Service and each store assigned to Essential Retail Services in Completed and Reported to you!

A PM report is completed to provide record retention of each service. The report is detailed of the services provided and signed by your MOD "Manager On Duty." A copy is forwarded to your office and a copy is retained with us for future reference.

We will provide the assigned administration to forward a copy to any Landlord in meeting your contractual obligations. We view PM Completion with complete dedication, and provide a separate Team, to ensure each store receives timely PM Service within the Program!